TMS: The Patient Experience

TMS: The Patient Experience

I started noticing I had the energy to get myself ready and off to the appointment each day. I became aware that I felt happy about the day itself. I found myself with new ideas to paint and create.

Debra, TMS patient

So, you’ve read about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and how we approach TMS here at Sonder.

Maybe you’ve already scheduled a consultation to learn more.

But, when you’re trying to decide if a particular treatment is right for you, sometimes you just want to hear from someone who’s been there. Who can speak directly to the patient experience.

We get that.

Today we’re proud to share real stories of the patient experience of TMS at Sonder, as told by former patients in their own words:

Deb’s experience

“Every day I find myself saying a little prayer of gratitude because I feel like myself again. I am able to confront challenges without feeling overwhelmed. I am able to find the humor in the little frustrations that used to make me feel defeated. I feel like I will be able to cope with whatever comes ahead. I feel hopeful again.”

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Lacey’s experience

“The treatment experience for me was both challenging and rewarding. At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the staff at the clinic were very supportive and informative. It was encouraging to see positive changes and to know that I was taking proactive steps toward my well-being.”

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Sarah’s experience

“I was going through life seeing grey shadowy images through a fog. Now, I feel I’m experiencing colors, dimensions, and vibrancy I’ve never seen before.”

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Dawnelle’s experience

“This treatment totally changed my life. I think it saved my life. My depression is so much better. My anxiety is almost non-existent. My mind is quiet and still for the first time in my life.”

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Nichol’s experience

“Meeting with the staff at Sonder really helped me get over the fears. They took care of all the insurance work, but they also provided me with a lot of information on the exact procedure and what was happening in my brain that would make this type of treatment successful.”

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Lisa’s experience

“Once my treatment was over, I noticed that I was able to handle a depressing situation so much better. I have bouts of situational depression, but my depression has improved at least 75%. [If you’re considering TMS at Sonder,] DO IT! Don’t be afraid to try something new. I am off all medications now and I feel SO much better.”

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Kathleen’s experience

“The treatment was exactly how it was described to me. For me, there was no pain or discomfort at all. I will admit that I have a fairly high tolerance for pain and an ingrained calmness to nearly everything, but I truly believe there was no pain or discomfort. The two technicians who provided the treatment services were AMAZING! I will absolutely miss talking with them everyday!”

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Amanda’s experience

“I feel more stable in my moods. My sad days are more in line with life events and gloomy weather, instead of a constant depressive mood. I’m able to get back into activities I haven’t had the energy to do. My sleep has been more restful, and I no longer feel the need to sleep for 10 or more hours a day.”

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Sheryl’s experience

“Prior to my first experience with Sonder Wellness, I was having suicidal thoughts and was unable to work. After treatment, I’m no longer depressed and I just landed a job after 5 years of disability. I’m very excited to live a full life again.”

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Christi’s experience

“The changes started to gradually happen. One day I realized that I was smiling more, felt positive and was not turning to food to drown my sorrows. After treatment I felt like a new and much better me.”

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Elizabeth’s experience

“The 6 weeks of treatment with Sarah were amazing. We always had so much to talk about. The treatments gave me a routine, got me out of bed in the morning. Sarah was always so diligent with making sure I was comfortable. She was so kind and understanding. She was genuinely interested in how I was doing and what I was going through. It was hard to have a “last day.”

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Ronald’s experience

“I felt extremely well taken care of by the thoughtful staff at Sonder… TMS treatment is an extremely low risk for an extremely high potential reward.”

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Whytnee’s experience

“As we got about halfway through treatment, things started to clear. I was feeling less anxious. I noticed that it was easier for me to lay down and go to bed at night. I also noticed that it was easier to focus on school, work, or whatever I needed to get done.”

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Amy’s experience

“My psychiatrist recommended I look into it. At first, I was afraid it wouldn’t help at all. And the commitment was a lot. But, I still felt a nugget hope, so I decided to give it a try anyway. Slowly, my suicidal ideation has lessened. And I still experience challenges but, unlike before TMS, my mood now allows for these challenges. It’s worth trying and making a commitment to!”

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Timothy’s experience

“My spirit feels lifted so that I feel I can finally fly. To go beyond the limits I set for myself in my mind that kept me in the past, not in the present… I now feel as if I can face each and every day with more confidence than I have ever had before.”

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Phillip’s experience

“I felt ‘brighter’ and ‘lighter’ mentally and even physically. I found that I was calmer and just began to feel more positive. I’m more optimistic about my future. I’ve been told by people that they can tell I’m better. I had an annual inspection in my building. My land lady told me that she could tell I was doing better, a lot better. She said my apartment even ‘feels better’.”

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Debra’s experience

“I started noticing I had the energy to get myself ready and off to the appointment each day. I became aware that I felt happy about the day itself. I found myself with new ideas to paint and create.”

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Rebekah’s experience

“I’m doing well. I started a new job right after treatments and decided to go back to school so I started that. I have had more of a positive attitude that’s been consistent since the end of treatment. This is a huge change, considering my constant mood changes before I started treatments at Sonder.”

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Frances’ experience

“TMS didn’t get rid of every single bad day, but bad days aren’t depression days anymore. I can still get out of bed, take a shower, brush my teeth, leave the house if need be. And for the most part, I have a much more positive mood in that I don’t assume every day will be horrible. I have better relationships with the people in my life. I’m able to accomplish tasks better. I sleep significantly better — I fall asleep faster and sleep longer. And I no longer struggle with suicidal thoughts at all.”

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Michael’s experience

“I am definitely enjoying life more. I no longer worry as much about the present and the future. I cope more easier with life’s challenges which do happen for everyone. When I wake up in the morning, I look forward to enjoying the day in the moment.”

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