TMS Patient Experience: Whytnee

TMS Patient Experience: Whytnee

My therapist recommended it to me, so I did my research and decided I was willing to give anything a chance at least once.

Whytnee, TMS patient

We’re proud of the technology, team, and process we offer our patients seeking Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment.

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And as we witness each patient experience the benefits for themselves, we’re right there celebrating alongside them!

This week, we’re talking with Whytnee about her experience with TMS.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Whytnee! Can you share a bit about what life felt like prior to beginning TMS treatment?

I was feeling very depressed and anxious everyday, pretty much all day. I also felt like hurting myself, and giving up altogether.

What had you tried (before TMS) to address these challenges?

I tried therapy, relaxation, many different medications, and even tried getting massages every month or two.

What led you to explore TMS as a treatment option?

I learned about it from my therapist.

I had a fear that it would hurt me or I would have really bad side effects (even though I ended up experiencing no issues at all after a headache the first week).

But, my therapist recommended it to me, so I did my research and decided I was willing to give anything a chance at least once.

What was the experience like for you?

At first, it was hard to show up for appointments because I felt anxious about being in a new environment.

But, as time went on, it got easier and easier to go to my appointments. Also, the treatment team was very encouraging and friendly.

What changes have you noticed?

When I started, I think I was the lowest I had ever gotten. But, as we got about halfway through treatment, things started to clear.

I was feeling less anxious.

I noticed that it was easier for me to lay down and go to bed at night.

I also noticed that it was easier to focus on school, work, or whatever I needed to get done.

How does life feel different now, after TMS treatment?

I would say that I’m doing good now.

I hardly ever have any anxiety or depression symptoms anymore, unless I’m in a stressful situation or a new environment.

I feel a lot more calm, and my symptoms have subsided for the most part.

What’s one piece of advice or encouragement you’d like to share with someone considering TMS?

Give it time. It’s a long process and halfway through you might want to quit.

But, give it time. It gets better as you go.

Thanks, Whytnee! We’re honored to have worked with you.

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