TMS Patient Experience: Rebekah

TMS Patient Experience: Rebekah

It’s completely worth the commitment in the end, I can promise you that.

Rebekah, TMS patient

We’re proud of the technology, team, and process we offer our patients seeking Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment.

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And as we witness each patient experience the benefits for themselves, we’re right there celebrating alongside them!

This week, we’re talking with Rebekah about her experience with TMS.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Rebekah! Can you share a bit about what life felt like prior to beginning TMS treatment?

My depression and anxiety were getting worse and I’d started falling back into old habits of sleeping all day or just not getting out of bed because I had zero energy.

My primary challenges were trying to be productive and do the little things in daily life, such as laundry or cleaning. And sudden mood changes were occurring almost daily.

What had you tried (before TMS) to address these challenges?

I have tried several different depression medications over the years, as well as a couple ECT treatments in the past. I’ve been seeing a therapist for a couple years, as well. That definitely helped in the moment, but not like a direct treatment does.

I had heard of TMS years back from my primary doctor, but my insurance didn’t cover it at the time because it was a newer treatment. I did some research and there were studies done on it and had very positive outcomes.

Any hesitations about exploring TMS for yourself? What made you decide to give it a try?

I didn’t have any hesitations about doing TMS treatments because I’ve been willing to do anything new that will help decrease my depression/anxiety more effectively than medication. The only fear I had was that it wouldn’t work.

After talking with Dr. Luehr about the process and learning how the treatment works, I was more confident and dedicated to put in the time and effort to complete the treatments.

What was the experience like for you?

It was weird at first, but the staff helped calm me and explain certain things I had questions/concerns about. But, then the treatments started becoming relaxing.

What were some of the first changes you noticed after beginning treatment?

I honestly wasn’t aware of any changes until the last couple weeks of treatments. I was going through a lot of other things at the time, so I just didn’t notice til I asked the staff if they noticed any changes when I was there for treatment.

Then I started feeling better after I was done with treatment. Over time, I could tell more.

How does life feel different now, after TMS treatment?

I’m doing well. I started a new job right after treatments and decided to go back to school so I started that.

I have had more of a positive attitude that’s been consistent since the end of treatment. This is a huge change, considering my constant mood changes before I started treatments at Sonder.

Any advice or encouragement you’d like to share with someone considering TMS?

I know the process in the beginning might seem like a lot, but stick with it.

Go to every treatment session– don’t skip even one. It’s completely worth the commitment in the end, I can promise you that. I’m very
grateful for the staff and everyone at Sonder Wellness that guided me and helped me through the process.

Thanks, Rebekah! We’re honored to have worked with you.

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