5 (Free) Physical Activity Resources for At-Home Movement

5 (Free) Physical Activity Resources for At-Home Movement

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Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

Jim Rohn

As some parts of our lives begin a gradual transition to normalcy whatever comes next

Other parts likely feel as though they’re still on hold.

It’s times like this when we can support our emotional wellness best by focusing on what we can control.

And one of those things?

The way we move our bodies.

Turns out, there are some excellent opportunities to enjoy all the benefits of physical activity, without leaving home!

Read on for 5 (free) physical activity resources to help keep you and your family active… right where you are:

1. Introduce your kids to yoga.

Kids bouncing off the walls? Don’t be too quick to label this as problem behavior… they might just need a good opportunity to get some energy out! Yoga can be an excellent way to help kids learn about mindfulness, self-regulation, flexibility, and creativity. (And it’s not bad for us grown-ups, either.)


Cosmic Kids! Yoga offers a library of free “yoga adventure” videos on their YouTube channel, in addition to their paid app.

2. Tap into a virtual community.

Need a little accountability to help keep you active? Working out with a partner or group can provide the helpful boost of energy and encouragement that so many of us seek. And thanks to the wonders of technology, you can tap into these benefits from the safety of your own home.


Choose from a rapidly growing list of free, live-stream workout classes

3. Find activity in your daily routine.

Carving out time for a class just isn’t an option for you right now? No problem! You can easily stay physically active simply by keeping an open mind as you move through your daily household routine. From mundane chores to the “witching hour”: Your day-to-day rhythms provide ample opportunity to work in some movement.


Check out this list from ActiveCities for some everyday activity inspiration. 

4. Stage an impromptu dance party.

You don’t need fancy moves or a TikTok account to crank up the music and stage an impromptu dance party. Moving to the music in the privacy of your home can be a truly therapeutic experience. Get your roommates or family members involved… or simply shake out the tensions of the day all on your own!


Feeling nostalgic for some songs from your youth? Check out iHeartRADIO’s Graduation Playlist.

5. Get outside.

If all this staying at home has led you to feel a bit cooped up, you don’t have to look far for opportunities to get out in the fresh air. Sometimes the simplest activities can be the most powerful. Just be mindful of social distancing and other regulations, and you’ll be free to soak up the dual benefits of physical activity and nature.


Go for a walk, play a game in the yard, explore a local park, do some stretches by an open window… whatever helps you connect with nature as you move your body.


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