TMS Patient Experience: Amanda

TMS Patient Experience: Amanda

I felt more motivated and like there wasn’t so much weighing me down. I’m able to get back into activities I haven’t had the energy to do. 

Amanda, TMS patient

We’re proud of the technology, team, and process we offer our patients seeking Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment.

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And as we witness each patient experience the benefits for themselves, we’re right there celebrating alongside them!

This week, we’re talking with Amanda about her experience with TMS:

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Amanda! Can you share a bit about what life felt like prior to beginning TMS treatment?

Before TMS, I had suffered depression for over 10 years.

I tried various medications and was hospitalized for depressive episodes more often than I’d like to remember. My depression stopped me from caring for myself and finding enjoyment in activities or time with family.

I felt like life was dull and that there was nothing I could do to change my depression. I often wondered why nothing helped and if maybe that’s just how life would be for me.

What had you tried (before TMS) to address these challenges?

I tried different combinations of medications to address the depression and anxiety. I tried working with different therapists. I tried alternative medicine options that others had sworn by.

Any hesitations about exploring TMS for yourself? What made you decide to give it a try?

Seeing Sonder‘s ad on Facebook showing brain scan images gave me hope that this treatment could work.

I’d tried so many treatments, but wasn’t seeing improvements in my depression. I figured, worst case scenario, this treatment wouldn’t work for me either.

I didn’t feel like I had anything to lose by trying TMS. I was hopeful, as there is science and data supporting this treatment.

What was the experience like for you?

I was surprised at the sensation of the magnet at first, but after the first week I was comfortable with the process. I was really glad all of the staff were very nice and knowledgeable about the process.

What were some of the first changes you noticed after beginning treatment?

I felt more motivated and like there wasn’t so much weighing me down.

How does life feel different now, after TMS treatment?

I feel more stable in my moods. My sad days are more in line with life events and gloomy weather, instead of a constant depressive mood.

I’m able to get back into activities I haven’t had the energy to do. My sleep has been more restful, and I no longer feel the need to sleep for 10 or more hours a day.

Any advice or encouragement you’d like to share with someone considering TMS?

TMS is worth it. If you haven’t had success with other treatments, or if you’re wondering if it could improve your mood even on medications, give it a try.

Thanks, Amanda! We’re honored to have worked with you.

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