TMS Patient Experience: Lisa

TMS Patient Experience: Lisa

Don’t be afraid to try something new. I am off all medications now and I feel SO much better.

Lisa, TMS patient

We’re proud of the technology, team, and process we offer our patients seeking Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment.

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And as we witness each patient experience the benefits for themselves, we’re right there celebrating alongside them!

This week, we’re talking with Lisa about her experience with TMS:

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Lisa! Can you share a bit about what life felt like prior to beginning TMS treatment?

My depression was at its worst. Every day was a struggle. No medications helped.

What had you tried (before TMS) to address these challenges?

I tried every antidepressant out there. I tried DBT, talk therapy, but nothing worked.

Any hesitations about exploring TMS for yourself? What made you decide to give it a try?

I first learned about TMS through a client I worked with. I am a legal assistant for a Social Security Disability firm. He said his life changed with TMS and he no longer wanted to pursue Social Security Disability.

I had talked with him previously and the difference after his TMS treatment was like night and day.

I no longer wanted to be so depressed. I was out of options and I was about to give up on ever feeling better. I was hoping TMS would work for me and it did!

What was the experience like for you?

I actually enjoyed going in every day. The technicians made it so easy.

What were some of the first changes you noticed after beginning treatment?

Once my treatment was over, I noticed that I was able to handle a depressing situation so much better.

How does life feel different now, after TMS treatment?

I have bouts of situational depression, but my depression has improved at least 75%.

Any advice or encouragement you’d like to share with someone considering TMS?

DO IT! Don’t be afraid to try something new. I am off all medications now and I feel SO much better.

Thank you, Lisa! We’re honored to have worked with you.

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