TMS Patient Experience: Timothy

TMS Patient Experience: Timothy

I now feel as if I can face each and every day with more confidence than I have ever had before.

Timothy, TMS patient

We’re proud of the technology, team, and process we offer our patients seeking Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment.

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And as we witness each patient experience the benefits for themselves, we’re right there celebrating alongside them!

This week, we’re sharing a beautiful poem, written by Sonder patient, Timothy, as a reflection of his experience with TMS:

A Note of Gratitude

Dear Dr. Luehr, Erin, Lisa, Daniele, Mallory, and Emmaline,

Thank you, each and everyone

for the great care you took of me.

I was treated not just like anyone,

but as the one I am, that being the key.

I was timid at first, too afraid to speak,

but that all changed as time went by,

one day at a time, til the days turned to a week.

My spirit feels lifted so that I feel I can finally fly.

To go beyond the limits I set for myself in my mind

that kept me in the past, not in the present.

To be free and set that aside that leaves me behind

from the celebration of life I seek to be pleasant.

I now feel as if I can face each and every day

with more confidence than I have ever had before.

Keep me focused and on task, to God I pray.

Thank you again

for your kindness

I am able to break loose from a chain.

Sonder Wellness I will remember with fondness.

Thank you, Timothy! We’re honored to have worked with you.

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We’re excited to announce that Sonder’s now a NeuroStar Platinum Provider!

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