Social Media: 5 Questions You Might Be Asking Today

Social Media: 5 Questions You Might Be Asking Today

Social media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.

Brian Solis

Reunited and it feels so… good?

After yesterday’s disruption to 2 of the most popular apps on the planet, many of us are left wondering about the role these platforms (and social media as a whole) play in our daily lives.

Today we’re sharing 5 questions you might be asking yourself after yesterday’s Facebook and Instagram interruptions… and resources to help you address each one:

1. Is my phone good for anything besides social media?

With all the uproar over the Instagram and Facebook outages, it might seem as though there’s nothing more to your favorite devices than social media. In reality, there are plenty of ways you can use your phone as a tool to promote your emotional wellness! Use it to reach out to a friend or family member to offer or ask for support, access art media and other interests, track your daily habits… the options are virtually limitless.

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2. I felt anxious being unable to scroll through my feed. Is that a bad thing?

While it might feel tempting to label or judge what you’re feeling, try your best not to. It’s normal to experience some frustration or even agitation when your typical habits are disrupted. If you’re noticing a spike in anxiety when you’re unable to access social media, however, this could be an indication that it’s becoming a form of avoidance. In that case, it’s worth getting curious about your habits, and seeking support if you need it.

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3. My child really struggled without social media. How can I help them?

From chatting with friends to staying on top of pop culture news and other ideas and events they care about, social media serves as a hub of connection for many of our kids (as it does for us). And while interruptions to their favorite apps might trigger a range of emotions in your child, adolescent, or teen, there’s a lot you can do as a parent to help them navigate those feelings effectively.

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4. What are some benefits of taking a social media break once in awhile?

Maybe yesterday’s temporary “break” from (at least some of your) social media has got you wondering if you might benefit from a longer break. Or period breaks throughout the year. Our suggestion? Take a moment to reflect on why you’re considering this. What are you hoping to gain or experience as a result? And how can you set yourself up to make each break meaningful for you?

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5. What if I’m finding it hard to make changes to my social media use?

There’s no denying it: Change can be hard! If you recognize that you’d like to shift your habits around your social media use, it’s worth doing some light research on habit change, so you can make the right plan for you. And if you’re finding it extra challenging to make or sustain these changes? Our team of providers is ready to support you. Schedule an appointment here!

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Struggling to make changes to your social media use on your own? We’re here to help.