5 (More) Self Care Apps to Improve Your Emotional Wellness

5 (More) Self Care Apps to Improve Your Emotional Wellness

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.

Steve Jobs

Technology and self-care.

We don’t often associate the two, do we?

And yet the simple fact is we’ve never had more emotional wellness resources at our fingertips than we do right now.

When we shared 5 emotional wellness apps this spring, you responded with some incredible resources of your own!

So, in honor of Self-Care Awareness Month…

We’re sharing 5 (more) self care apps that can help improve your emotional wellness:

1. Breathe+ (guided breathing exercises / visualizations)

Breathing. What could be simpler, right? And yet if you experience anxiety, depression, or even everyday stress, it’s all too easy to fall into unconscious habits of breath-holding, shallow breathing, and hyperventilation. With appealing visual depictions of each breath, this app can help even the most seasoned mindful breathers reach new levels of awareness and relaxation.


Start bringing more awareness to your breath by placing one hand on your belly and one on your chest. Focus on keeping your chest steady while you feel your belly expand with each inhale. Ready to breathe with intention? Slow things down with square breathing: Inhale to a count of 4, hold for 4 counts, exhale to a count of 4, and hold for 4 counts more.  

2. Strides (habit tracker)

From sleep to eating to movement, meditation, and even mundane tasks around the house… we’ve got so many habits to manage in our daily lives. By helping you keep a handle on how you’re spending your time each day, this app makes it easier to build new habits into your schedule, and crowd out those habits that are no longer serving you.


Habit-tracking can be as simple as you like! You can use your regular calendar or a basic notepad to mark off your habits each day. 

3. Relax Melodies (sleep / relaxation)

Whether you’re seeking help with chronic sleep difficulties or simply looking for a little relaxation, the free version of this app offers a variety of sounds (with multiple customization options) to choose from.


Need some background sounds but don’t want to use your phone? You can invest in a white noise machine, try an oscillating fan, or go completely tech-free and open a window to let in the sounds of nature!

4. Five-Minute Journal (gratitude journal)

With simple morning and evening prompts to anchor your day, this app is a straightforward, low-stress way to cultivate thankfulness on a daily basis.


If you like the format of the Five-Minute Journal app, it’s available in a paper journal format. Strapped for cash? Not to worry! You can practice gratitude without spending a cent.  

5. Moment (screen time tracker)

“Less phone. More life.” That’s the promise of this free app, which helps users bring greater awareness to their relationship with their mobile devices. The goal is a healthier, more intentional way of interacting with technology.


If greater awareness and intention are what you seek, you can’t go wrong with a simple mindfulness practice. Try these modern mindfulness tips to help you engage more intentionally with every aspect of your daily life. 


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