5 Areas of Wellness to Revisit this Fall

5 Areas of Wellness to Revisit this Fall

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

From sunlight to temperature to work and school schedules… change is definitely in the air!

And what better time to pause and reflect on what else has changed in your life?

So, while you’re hauling out your sweaters and pumpkin spice, we’ve got a few other items to add to your list.

Today we’re sharing 5 areas of wellness to revisit this Fall:

1. Sleep

As the days grow shorter and the temperatures cool, you might notice some changes to your rhythms of wake and rest. Most of us know we could be getting better quality sleep– and yet it’s often the first thing to go during times of stress (when we actually need it most!). Now’s an excellent time to brush up on the science of sleep and adjust your habits as needed to ensure you’re getting a good night’s rest.

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2. Movement

The change in seasons also can influence our physical activity… and not just because school’s back in session. You might already have noticed that you’re more (or less) inclined to go for a walk outside now that it’s starting to cool off and grow dark more quickly. Fall’s the perfect time to take stock of your activity habits and consider exploring (or revisiting) some different types of movement. (No telling what you’ll enjoy until you try it, right?)

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3. Boundaries

With work and school environments shifting rapidly, you might notice new stressors coming up. Resist the urge to tune out and avoid them! Each new frustrations presents an opportunity to revisit your boundaries. By getting clear on your values, needs, and goals, you’ll be much better equipped to communicate effectively with the people around you. And that’s good news for everyone.

Check out: Boundary Boss by Terri Cole

4. Relationships

If the past year and a half prompted us to closely examine some of our most intimate relationships, then it’s only natural to experience some shifts in how you relate to your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. Don’t miss this opportunity to reflect on the relationships that shape your daily life, and consider what changes (if any) you’d like to make going forward.

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5. Medication

Whether you’ve been connected with a provider for awhile now or you’re considering medication for the very first time, Fall marks a chance to pause and re-evaluate your emotional wellness needs and goals. Our medication management team is ready to check in with you about all of the areas of wellness above and anything else that’s going on with you. Schedule an appointment here!

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