Narrative Therapy

Separating the person from the problem encourages people to rely on their own skill sets to minimize issues that exist in their everyday lives. Therapists accomplish this through Narrative Therapy, a psychotherapy method based on the belief that simply telling a story is an action toward positive change. This results in the ability for clients to better understand their identities and how their problems or actions have certain effects on other people’s lives.

In turn, Narrative Therapy allows therapists to accurately diagnose their clients and provide them with the tools to overcome life’s obstacles.

When someone experiences something very personal, it transforms into a story that gives meaning to their lives, while helping shape their inner selves. Everyone in this world has stories that shine a positive light, and others that cast inevitably dark shadows and trigger negative thoughts and behavior. Using Narrative Therapy, mental health professionals allow their clients to separate themselves from their problems, which illuminates the value that exists in both good and bad experiences. By exploring the impact of the problem, it is possible to identify what is truly important and valuable to a person in a broader context, beyond the problem. This can help a person identify a common thread to connect his or her actions and choices throughout life.

While in therapy, clients learn how to empower themselves and see that they possess natural competencies and skills and the capability to change their lives.

Narrative Therapy is beneficial for individualscouples, and families. In a group setting, this technique helps to externalize problems and sets the stage for creating interactions that are more accepting and meaningful. In turn, the couple or family can transform negative communication or responses and begin to reconnect.

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