Are you (or is someone you care about) struggling with depression that hasn’t improved, no matter what you’ve tried?

At Sonder, we are proud to partner with NeuroStar Advanced Therapy to offer TMS to you or those you care about.

It’s safe.
And is covered by most insurance.


What is TMS?

TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, and is a FDA-cleared treatment for depression. Using an electromagnetic field similar to an MRI machine, TMS delivers precise, non-invasive pulses to the area of the brain shown to be underactive in depression. TMS is not ECT (electroconvulsive therapy).

Treatment consists of 36 sessions and takes place over a 7-to-9 week period in our comfortable and inviting outpatient clinic. Treatments range from 4 minutes to 40 minutes depending on the appropriate protocol determined by your doctor. You’ll remain awake and alert the whole time, and can be up, out and on with your life after each session!

Is TMS Safe?

NeuroStar TMS does not circulate in the bloodstream, so it does not have side effects such as weight gain, sexual dysfunction, nausea, dry mouth, sedation, etc.

The most common side effects reported include a headache and scalp discomfort - generally mild to moderate - occurring less frequently after the first week of treatment.

How effective is TMS?

  • Over 5 million NeuroStar Advanced Therapy TMS treatments have been performed in over 141,000 patients.
    • 83% of patients saw measurable improvement in their depression symptoms.*
    • 62% of patients reached remission.*


Is TMS covered by insurance?

A majority of insurance companies cover TMS including Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare and commercial plans.

Is TMS right for me?

NeuroStar TMS is for adults and adolescents (15 and older) with Major Depressive Disorder who have not benefited from prior treatments like antidepressants and psychotherapy. Request a complimentary consultation to find out if TMS at Sonder Wellness is right for you.


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The NeuroStar Advanced Therapy System is indicated for the treatment of depressive episodes and decreasing anxiety symptoms for those who may exhibit comorbid anxiety symptoms in adults and adolescents (15 and older) suffering from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and who failed to achieve satisfactory improvement from previous antidepressant medication treatment in the current episode.
The NeuroStar Advanced Therapy system is intended to be used as an adjunct for the treatment of adult patients suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
NeuroStar Advanced Therapy is only available by prescription. A doctor can help decide if NeuroStar Advanced Therapy is right for you. Patients’ results may vary.
Visit for full safety and prescribing information.


*Outcomes Registry data was published by Sackeim HA, et al. J Affective Disorders, 2020, 277(12):65-74. The outcomes reported represent the subset of study patients for which the CGI-S data was reported before and after an acute course of NeuroStar TMS. Patients were treated under real-world conditions where patients may have been prescribed concomitant depression treatments including medications. “Measurable relief” was defined as a CGI-S score <=3 and “complete remission” was defined as a CGI-S score <=2 at the end of treatment.

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