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Sonder Behavioral Health & Wellness is a group psychology practice. We believe that everyone is unique and has a unique story to tell. We offer comprehensive behavioral health services to support your unique health and wellness needs.

At Sonder, we consider mental health to be as important as bodily health. Our mission is to normalize therapy and to encourage everyone to make their behavioral and emotional health a priority. Therapy offers a space for us to fine-tune ourselves, to reflect, to become more self-aware. We are able to intercept negative patterns of thought and behavior, to better understand ourselves and our relationships, and most importantly, to grow. We provide a comprehensive range of behavioral health services within one group practice in order to best meet your individual needs. It is our priority to ensure that you find a “right fit” with your therapist. Learn more about our team.

We are located in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and serve individuals and families in the surrounding Twin Cities metro area. Below are some of the locations we serve. If you don’t see your location, contact us for more information.

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