Therapy Services

Emotional wellness. Psychological well-being. Mental health.

Regardless of what you call it, it’s essential for every one of us. Therapy provides a safe and supportive place for you to become the happiest, most fulfilled, and most thriving version of yourself. Think of the many ways you take care of your physical wellness. Emotional wellness is no different. Consider your therapist a personal trainer for your mind and emotions. When life is challenging, therapy can help you develop the skills to move forward.

And even when you’re feeling great, therapy offers the unique opportunity to reflect on what’s going well in your life. To get to know your strengths. To understand which values, beliefs, and choices have served you well. And to use this understanding to form habits that will create your healthiest, happiest life.

The best part?

When we have the tools and support we need to live an emotionally well life, everything else becomes easier..


Individual counseling provides an opportunity to work one-on-one with a therapist for guidance and support to resolve an issue, recover from an upsetting experience, explore thoughts and feelings, examine beliefs and work toward making healthy changes.

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Child / Adolescent

Child and adolescent individual therapy applies techniques and methods to help kids who are experiencing difficulties with their emotions or behavior. Although there are different types of therapy, most rely on communications as the basic tool for bringing about change in a child’s feelings and behaviors.

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Couple / Relationship

Couples, marriage, or relationship therapy is offered to support people in relationships who may be considering a separation or divorce. Or they may be seeking improved communication, conflict resolution skills, intimacy, connection, or understanding. In couples counseling, the relationship...

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Family therapy involves work with families to facilitate change and development. It focuses on the systems of interaction among family members and emphasizes family relationships as an important factor in psychological health and wellbeing.

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Group therapy involves one or more therapists who lead a group of five to eight clients. A group will usually meet for an hour a week, although some group therapy is more intensive and will meet more frequently. Some group therapies require people to also attend individual therapy sessions.

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Chemical Dependency

Chemical dependency, substance abuse, or other addiction can cause significant distress and difficulties for both the individual and their family, friends, and co-workers. Therapy can help break the cycle of addiction, address related issues, and provide alternative, more positive ways to deal...

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