Integrated Therapy

There are various schools of psychotherapy and in some cases, more than one technique will need to be incorporated to treat someone living with a mental illness.

Known as Integrated Therapy, it takes elements of each school to individualize a treatment plan that considers someone’s personality.

It is best suited for people who have depressionpost-partum depressionanxiety disorders, personality disorders and dissociative Identity disorder who have tried other forms of therapy but continue to show no improvement.

Integrated Therapy is flexible to patients’ needs and increases the chances of therapeutic success because it focuses on the importance of self-acceptance and awareness of how behavior affects others.

It works by taking all aspects of the accepted treatment methods and challenges clients to look within themselves and find the strength to cope with daily life, embrace their spirituality, be accountable for their actions, and creating an interpersonal relationships.

It is best suited for people who have tried other treatments but have yet to make any improvements. It has been used to help clients with DepressionPost-Partum DepressionAnxiety Disorders, Personality Disorders and Dissociative Identity.

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