Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectal Behavior Therapy is a modified form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy used for the treatment of chronically suicidal and self-injurious individuals diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. Qualified therapists who provide treatment undergo a rigorous training period, which takes a considerable investment of time, effort and supervision.

While this type of psychotherapy was developed to treat people who suffer with suicidal tendencies, it has adapted to help with severe depression and managing behavioral changes such as, substance abuse problems and eating disorders.

Dialectal Behavior Therapy incorporates techniques that emphasize validation, whereby the therapist and the client work on accepting uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and behaviors rather than struggling with them.

This comprehensive treatment is used to decrease the frequency and severity of self-destructive behaviors in individuals and increase the motivation to change through positive reinforcement. Once the triggers are identified, therapists are trained to teach their clients new coping skills that emphasize that person’s strengths. To track their progression, ability to relax and practice mindfulness techniques, clients are encouraged to journal their thoughts in between sessions.

In addition to this form of treatment and medication, it is important that any form of Dialectical Behavior Therapy comes with the full support of the individual’s close family and friends. Encouragement from the outside plays an integral role in every client’s journey to overcome their struggles and to show empathy for themselves and others.

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