Couples Therapy/Sex & Intimacy Issues

Couples therapy is helpful in working through any sex and intimacy issues that are preventing true closeness between partners.

First and foremost, these issues must be identified, and a therapist can help couples improve their communication skills to instill a solid sense of trust between them. Once that is established, a therapist may use a method known as “sensate focus,” and initiate exercises geared toward treating sexual problems by encouraging both partners to express how they like to be touched and communicate their sexual preferences.

A sex therapist may take couples therapy a step further by focusing on the couple's physical relationship. After identifying the couple's attitudes about sex and the sexual problem, the sex therapist recommends specific exercises to refocus the couple's attention and expectations.

In some cases, this can be attributed to a lack of knowledge about sex, and armed with the right information, many couples are able to move forward. A trained therapist can teach both women and men about the sexual response cycle and the elements of sexual stimulation.

For women, psychotherapy can help them identify problems in their life that may be expressed as sexual problems, and focus on resolving those issues. Some women experience pain during sex, and others experience problems that are less clear-cut and involve unresolved emotional issues involving past sexual experiences, abuse, rape, or traumatic encounters with men. They could also stem from dissatisfaction in other areas of their life. In either case, a therapist will usually focus on resetting women’s attitudes toward sex so they can begin to enjoy the experience.

If you'd like to talk to someone about couples therapy/sex & intimacy issues, please contact us.

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