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Too often we allow our fear, guilt or disbelief to stop us from living our best story. We stay stuck in relationships, jobs or other situations that no longer serve us, zap our energy and leave us feeling unfulfilled. We put other people’s needs ahead of our own and are left feeling confused about or disconnected from our purpose and passion in life. Deep down, many of us can’t shake that feeling that there is more for us if we can only muster up the courage to change.

My work is to help you find a life that is more meaningful, a life that is more aligned with who you are and what you want. The majority of clients I work with are competent, well-functioning individuals who are struggling in some way or our feeling dissatisfied, unhappy or stuck. Whether its regarding an experience, your everyday life, your relationship, fears about the future, or something more devastating or extraordinary, change is possible. I encourage you to make a commitment to yourself and your future.

As a therapist I use an integrated approach to therapy and draw primarily from cognitive behavioralhumanisticpsychodynamic and interpersonal theories. I work with adults and older adolescents along with individual therapy

Education :

Doctoral Degree from Minnesota School of Psychology

Experiance :

10+ years of experience in private practice, community mental health and forensic settings

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As a therapist I use an integrated approach to therapy and draw primarily from cognitive behavioral, humanistic, psychodynamic and interpersonal theories. I work with adults and older adolescents along with individual therapy

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Location : Medina

Service : Therapy

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