TMS Treatment at Sonder in Our Patients’ Words

TMS Treatment at Sonder in Our Patients’ Words

I have had more of a positive attitude that’s been consistent since the end of treatment. This is a huge change, considering my constant mood changes before I started treatments at Sonder.

Sonder TMS patient

We’re proud of the technology, team, and process we offer our patients seeking Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment.

And as we witness each patient discover the benefits for themselves, we’re right there celebrating alongside them!

Here’s some of what our patients have experienced following TMS treatment at Sonder:

1. Clearer thinking

“The first change I noticed was tolerance. I was much more able to think things through. My interactions were less reactionary.”

“I think what REALLY made me see that things were changing were the comments I received from the coworkers and managers at my job. They’d make comments on my drive, my focus, my attitude. When I heard it from other people, it was like the changes I’d started seeing became an actuality.”

“I felt like my thinking was literally just sharper overall.

“I felt ‘brighter’ and ‘lighter’ mentally and even physically.

“I noticed it was easier to focus on school, work, or whatever I needed to get done.”

I noticed I had the energy to get myself ready and off to the appointment each day. I found myself with new ideas to paint and create.”

“I now feel as if I can face each and every day with more confidence than I have ever had before.

I am definitely enjoying life more. I no longer worry as much about the present and the future. I cope more easier with life’s challenges which do happen for everyone.”

“I’m more optimistic about my future.”

2. Brighter, more consistent mood

“My family noticed the changes before I did. They remarked how my attitude had changed and that I was much more relaxed around them. They saw me enjoying life more and able to cope with life’s challenges more easily.

“With my treatment, which included the new Theta Burst, my mood improved rapidly.

“I didn’t really notice at first, but my friends and family did. They started making comments that I was smiling more, laughing a bit. I seemed more relaxed. After about two and a half to three weeks, I started to feel better.”

Around the end of week three, beginning of week 4, I noticed my mood lifting a bit. I remember driving home from TMS one day and quite joyfully singing along with the radio. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d done that.”

“I found that I was calmer and just began to feel more positive.”

“One day I realized that I was smiling more, felt positive and was not turning to food to drown my sorrows. After treatment I felt like a new and much better me.”

“I feel more stable in my moods. My sad days are more in line with life events and gloomy weather, instead of a constant depressive mood.”

“I have had more of a positive attitude that’s been consistent since the end of treatment. This is a huge change, considering my constant mood changes before I started treatments at Sonder.”

“When I wake up in the morning, I look forward to enjoying the day in the moment.”

3. A new quality of life

“This treatment totally changed my life. I think it saved my life.”

“Life feels very different than before. I can laugh and feel the joy of it again. I look forward to all sorts of things.”

“I’m able to get back into activities I haven’t had the energy to do. My sleep has been more restful, and I no longer feel the need to sleep for 10 or more hours a day.”

“I still experience challenges but, unlike before TMS, my mood now allows for these challenges.”

“I’ve been told by people that they can tell I’m better. My landlady even told me she could tell I was doing a lot better. She said my apartment even ‘feels better’.”

“I hardly ever have any anxiety or depression symptoms anymore. I feel a lot more calm, and my symptoms have subsided for the most part.”

“I’m doing well. I started a new job right after treatments and decided to go back to school.”

“I’m no longer depressed and I just landed a job after 5 years of disability. I’m very excited to live a full life again!”

“I have better relationships with the people in my life. I’m able to accomplish tasks better. I sleep significantly better — I fall asleep faster and sleep longer. And I no longer struggle with suicidal thoughts at all.”

“The hope I have for my future since completing TMS has increased exponentially. I have made leaps forward in my personal life and in my career.”



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