Emotional Wellness Gift Guide (2022)

Emotional Wellness Gift Guide (2022)

Health is the greatest gift.


Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re inundated this time of year with urgent messages of scarcity and time pressure.

But no matter how tempting these “deals” might be, you still have the freedom to make your own gifting choices this season.

Our suggestion?

Consider gifting experiences and/or resources that promote emotional wellness!  

Today we’re sharing our 2022 emotional wellness gift guide, filled with ideas to support the health and well-being of you and every person on your list:

1. Self-care apps

We’re on our devices everyday, so why not seize the opportunity to give the gift of portable self-care, right there on your loved ones’ phone or tablet? (Check out our reviews of some favorite apps here and here.)

Popular picks:

2. Education resources

With the dropping temps sending us indoors, there’s no better time to give gifts that expand our horizons. Help your friends and family explore a new topic or develop a skill they never knew they had!

Popular picks:

3. Gratitude tools

From finding ways to be thankful during tough times to building a habit of thanks into your daily life, gratitude is a powerful tool for promoting emotional wellness. Why not gift a tool to help record daily thanks… or one to help record a lifetime of grateful memories?

Popular picks:

4. Relaxation aids

We often don’t realize how tightly-wound we are until we begin experiencing the physical and emotional effects of chronic stress. Help the folks on your list be proactive by building relaxation into their everyday routine.

Popular picks:

5. Relationship resources

Whether it’s the newly-engaged couple next door or your relatives celebrating their golden anniversary… there’s no wrong time to focus on the health of a relationship.

Popular picks:

6. Therapy

Whether you’ve experienced the benefits firsthand or have been curious to give it a first try, therapy is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give yourself.

Ready to give yourself the emotional wellness gift of therapy?