5 AAPI Emotional Wellness Leaders to Follow

5 AAPI Emotional Wellness Leaders to Follow

This is the beginning and the end, dear friends. Progress is often preceded by pain and once our muscles are strong enough to carry the pain, we stand back up and start to rebuild. That is the story of our ancestors.

Jenny Wang, PhD

We believe that an emotionally well collective begins with a commitment to protecting and promoting the emotional wellness of each one of us.

In light of the hate crimes against Asian women in Georgia this past week, we’re using this space to amplify the work of some incredible leaders advancing the rights of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (APPI) in our community.

Today we’re highlighting 5 AAPI leaders you’ll want to follow (+ information on how to support their efforts):

1. Jenny Wang, PhD

Clinical psychologist and expert in mental health and social justice issues facing the Asian Diaspora, Dr. Jenny Wang has been a steady voice of leadership before, during, and after last week’s violent attack. Dr. Wang is active on social media, sharing original and curated resources to equip AAPI community members, professionals, and allies alike with well-researched, timely information.


2. AAPI Women Lead

With a strong, dynamic presence across multiple media channels, Asian American + Pacific Islander Women Lead is a well-connected organization committed to creating sustainable, widespread change in our communities. Follow their hashtag #insolidaritythroughstruggle to plug into a wealth of resources, updated continually.

Website | Instagram | YouTube | Shop | Donate

3. Dear Asian Youth

For Asian youth by Asian youth, this non-profit is focused on the goal of “empowering Asian youth into intersectional activism through media & grassroots organizing.” Their Instagram account serves as a hub for their many outreach efforts, including community challenges, a conference, podcast, and diversity and inclusion task force.

Website | Instagram | Podcast

4. SisterSong

With a powerful network of allied organizations, SisterSong: The National Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective plays an active role in both leading and amplifying the efforts of other community leaders on topics related to the reproductive rights and well-being of women of color.

Website | Instagram


Organized around the mission to “build collective power with AAPI women and girls to gain full agency over our lives, our families, and our communities,” the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum is at the forefront of connecting experts, advocates, and the public around issues facing the AAPI community.

Website | Instagram | Donate 


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