10 Acts of Kindness to Try this Season

10 Acts of Kindness to Try this Season

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.


No doubt, you’re knee-deep in lists by now.

Grocery lists.
Gift lists.
Address lists.

(You might’ve even started on your list of goals for the coming year!)

And while there’s something to be said for staying organized… too many To Do’s can take a toll on your emotional wellness.

Need a little break from the usual list-making grind?

We’ve got a special list just for you. 

Read on for 10 simple acts of kindness to try this season:

1. Do something kind for yourself.

Before you rush to perform acts of kindness this season, why not pause to show yourself a little TLC? Take a break, treat yourself to something you enjoy, or even take yourself out on a solo outing just for fun.

2. Connect (or reconnect) with someone.

It could be an old friend or relative. Or perhaps it’s that person at the gym or the neighbor you only wave at on your way to and from home each day. By taking the time to reach out and see how they’re doing, you’re sharing one of the rarest of commodities: Your attention.

3. Offer your time.

It could be as formal as a shift at the local food pantry or as casual as an impromptu call to a friend, neighbor, or relative (“Hey! I’ve got the afternoon free. How can I help?”). From shopping to cooking, gift-wrapping to shoveling the walk… this time of year provides ample opportunities to give of your time in service of others.

4. Be a ninja-giver.

Some acts of kindness are best performed stealthily. Coffee for the person behind you, a secret payment on a stranger’s layaway balance… just pay and then make yourself scarce. (Kids love to help with this one!)

5. Let someone else go first.

Maybe it’s the car waiting to merge into your lane. Or the person headed toward the shopping carts when you are. Or maybe it’s the friend you meet for coffee to catch up on what’s new. Making space for someone else to go first (in traffic, at the store, or even in conversation) is not our first instinct. Which is why it’s so powerful when we do!

6. Call someone by name.

You know that server or sales associate helping you out? They wear a name tag and introduce themselves for a reason. Try using their name when you speak to them (not just when you plan to make a complaint!). It’s a simple act of kindness that lets them know you see them as a person, not just a means to what you want.

7. Leave a rave review.

When’s the last time you wrote a review for a product or service you absolutely loved? It’s sad but true: Most of us only bother sharing our dissatisfaction. So, the next time you enjoy an outstanding meal or exceptional customer service, take the time to leave a glowing review.

8. Create a new connection.

Do you know two people who would really hit it off? Or someone whose unique talents are the perfect match for someone else’s current need? Put them in touch! In just minutes, you’ll have expanded two individuals’ horizons.

9. Teach a new skill.

You know that thing that comes so easily to you? Why not share the wealth by teaching it to someone else? They’ll be grateful for the gift, better equipped to help others themselves… and, as a bonus, the act of teaching will strengthen your skill even further!

10. Offer forgiveness.

Of all the acts of kindness we might perform, forgiving might be the most beneficial to our emotional wellness. In one step, we not only lighten the load of the one we’re forgiving, but we also free ourselves from anger, resentment, and pain we’ve been carrying with us.


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