Wintering: 5 Ways to Turn Inward This Season

Wintering: 5 Ways to Turn Inward This Season

Winter is not a season, it’s a celebration.

Anamika Mishra

As the temperature drops and the snow (finally!) begins to fall, it’s clear that winter has arrived.

But, are you wintering?

“Wintering” is a term often used metaphorically to describe periods of rest, reflection, and self-care, just as nature slows down during this season.

In her book, Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times, Katherine May offers insights to support the practice of turning inward and attending to our needs during challenging periods in our lives.

And what better time to adopt this practice than now, in the midst of actual winter?

Here are five ways to practice wintering in your life this season:

1. Curate your self-care routine

Establish a self-care routine that prioritizes your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. This might include activities like meditation, warm baths, reading, or listening to calming music. Taking care of your basic needs during the winter months can help you recharge and rejuvenate.

2. Take time for reflection and goal setting

Winter can be an excellent time for reflection. Take stock of the past year, celebrate your achievements, and learn from challenges. Set realistic goals and intentions for the coming year. This period of introspection can help you gain clarity and direction for the future.

3. Connect with loved ones

Use the winter months as an opportunity to strengthen your connections with friends and family. Whether it’s through virtual meetups, phone calls, or in-person gatherings, spending quality time with loved ones can provide warmth and support during the colder months.

4. Embrace all things cozy

Hygge is a Danish concept that revolves around creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. Embrace the simple pleasures of winter by lighting candles, enjoying warm drinks, and surrounding yourself with soft blankets and comfortable spaces. Creating a hygge environment can make winter feel more inviting and enjoyable.

5. Engage in creative pursuits

Winter can be an excellent time to explore and engage in creative activities. Whether it’s writing, painting, crafting, or any other creative pursuit, these activities can be both fulfilling and therapeutic. Use the winter months to tap into your creativity and express yourself.

Remember that the key to successful “wintering” is to tailor these practices to your individual needs and preferences. Adjust them based on what brings you comfort, joy, and a sense of well-being during the colder months.

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