20 Springtime Wellness Ideas

20 Springtime Wellness Ideas

Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.

Lilly Pulitzer

So, the weather hasn’t exactly gotten the memo…

But, spring will be here before we know it!

Maybe you’ve got big travel plans ahead. (Or maybe the only trip you’re prepping for is to the mailbox and back.)

No matter how you spend it, springtime offers the chance to pause and reflect.

To rest and recharge.

To savor the present and plan for what’s to come.

Need a little inspiration?

Read on for 20 springtime ideas to help boost the whole family’s emotional wellness:

1. Make a list of what you’re most thankful for so far this year. (Or review the gratitude list/journal/jar you’ve already created.)

2. Try going off the grid for an hour, day, or (if you’re feeling brave) even the whole week!

3. Play tourist in your hometown and check some items off your local bucket list.

4. Choose 1 mistake from the past season, practice showing yourself compassion, and then resolve to let it melt away with the snow.

5. You know that new skill you’ve been wanting to learn? Now’s the time!

6. Look at your calendar and choose something to opt out of.

7. Brush up on the topic of happiness, and make it a priority.

8. Visit a comedy club, watch a funny movie, learn a new joke… bring more laughter to your day!

9. Pick a destination you’ve never visited, and learn all you can about it.

10. Stage an impromptu dance party!

11. Learn some new “feeling” words (and then practice using them).

12. Cuddle a pet or volunteer at an animal shelter.

13. Practice modern mindfulness in the checkout line or traffic jam.

14. Take a nap or simply enjoy some quiet time on your own.

15. Hire a sitter and take yourself on a solo date.

16. Struggling with boredom? See if you can turn it into curiosity.

17. Take time to get outside… no matter what the weather’s like!

18. Revamp your self-care routine. (And help your kiddos revamp theirs, too!)

19. Commit to spring cleaning 1 area of your life.

20. No matter how you’re spending spring break, choose to feel content.


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