3 Easy Ways to Practice Generosity

3 Easy Ways to Practice Generosity

Give thought to giving. Give small things, carefully, and observe the mental processes going along with the act of releasing the little thing you liked.

Huston Smith


It’s one of the simplest, most influential ways we can show up for one another.

And in the process?

It has the potential to create lasting transformation in our own lives, as well.

In honor of National Nonprofit Day (August 17th), we’re sharing 3 easy ways to practice generosity:

1. Share your time.

Time is one of our truly non-renewable resources. Which is why it’s such a valuable gift to give away! If donating money isn’t an option for you right now (and even if it is!), giving your time to benefit one or more members of your community is a powerful way to practice generosity.


  • Volunteer for a nonprofit organization you believe in. (And yes, you can volunteer from home!)
  • Organize an online fundraiser (using a tool like Classy) and promote it to your circles of influence.
  • Offer to complete a specific task for a friend, neighbor, or someone else in your community.

2. Share your resources.

Our possessions. They feel so essential… until they don’t anymore. Maybe your home is overrun with clutter. Or maybe you’ve simply been hanging on to some items longer than necessary. Either way, sharing from the overflow of your material goods is another excellent way to practice generosity– and create some extra space in your home in the process!


  • Donate gently used clothing and household items to collection sites in your community.
  • Donate money to a nonprofit that supports a cause you care about. 

3. Share your story.

Your story is perhaps the most personal thing you own. So, sharing it (or even a small part of it) with someone else is an act of true generosity. It doesn’t have to be a complete memoir of your time on earth; even a simple reflection shared with authenticity can create life-changing shifts in the people around you. (And remember: Only share what and when you’re ready to. Therapy‘s a great place to start.)


  • Write an email or letter to someone who has had a positive impact on your life.
  • Has therapy helped you? Share your experience with a friend or family member who’s struggling.
  • Contribute your story to an open-access platform like The Mighty.


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