Your Emotional Wellness: 50+ Ways to Support It

Your Emotional Wellness: 50+ Ways to Support It

It’s a big day on the Sonder blog…

Today marks our 50th post!

We’ve had so much fun sharing practical emotional wellness guidance, tips, and inspiration over the past year.

(Missed a post? You can find them all right here.)

Today, we’re celebrating by paying tribute to our very first post with a roundup of 50(!) ways to support your emotional wellness.

We’ve even sprinkled in some favorite strategies from members of the Sonder team!

So, without further ado… we give you 50+ ways to support your emotional wellness:

1. Brush up on your emotional wellness facts (and myths)

2. Disconnect from your devices for awhile

3. Change one of your habits (or start a new one!)

4. Begin (and end) the day with intention

One way I support my emotional wellness is by attending a morning yoga class.

Janna Schriber, MS, LPC, NCC


Sitting on my patio at night.

Heather Schiller, Office Manager

5. Become a self-care pro

6. Go a bit easier on yourself

I tell myself I have the courage to be imperfect and most things can wait.

Lori Ann Wagner, LPCC, CCMHC, NCC

7. Learn to say “no”

8. Have a good laugh

9. Discover what makes you happy

10. Spend time connecting with people you love

I love heart to hearts with good friends.

Kate Murphy, MA, LPCC, LADC


I make sure to get together with my friends and family regularly.

Anna Schupp, PsyD, LP

11. Challenge your anxious thinking

12. Aim for harmony, not balance

13. Take a healthy risk

14. Get clear on your boundaries

15. Spend time with the animal(s) in your life

Cuddling my cats.

Heather Schiller, Office Manager


Doggie cuddle time is one of my favorites.

Lori Ann Wagner, LPCC, CCMHC, NCC

16. Advocate for emotional wellness in your community

17. Plan ahead for the changing seasons

18. Practice contentment

19. Challenge stigma around emotional wellness

20. Enjoy some quiet reflection

I enjoy reading from ancient wisdom literature such as Psalms and Proverbs. They’re majestic poems or short nuggets of observations about life that help me refocus on something beyond myself and my struggles.

Ken Young, PsyD, LP


I enjoy reading a book for pleasure. And reflection time– church in particular.

Heather Schiller, Office Manager

21. Embrace your natural creativity

22. Get plenty of rest

23. Check your mindset

24. Know what makes an emotion healthy

25. Lean on your people

I make sure to connect with the closest members of my support system. Sometimes I find myself talking about things I didn’t even fully realize were bothering me – but that definitely needed to be processed!

Sara B. Schilplin, PsyD, LP

26. Help your medication do its job

27. Nourish your body well + find pleasurable forms of movement


Heather Schiller, Office Manager

28. Understand your own brand of anxiety

29. Learn about emotional eating

30. Get outside for awhile

I love listening to leaves rustle in the wind (especially Aspen!)

Ross Barr, PsyD, LP


Getting out in nature (which does not happen enough!)

Lori Ann Wagner, LPCC, CCMHC, NCC


I try to spend some time out in the fresh air every day. It’s calming, refreshing– whatever I need– and it’s a good reminder that we can always hit “reset” when things feel tough. Today isn’t over yet.

Michaela Bucchianeri, PhD, LP

31. Use technology mindfully

32. Give thanks (even when it’s hard)

33. Notice your style of thinking

34. Make the most of challenging circumstances

35. Consider seeking a therapist’s support

36. Focus on your breath

Deep breathing and remembering to stay present.

Lori Ann Wagner, LPCC, CCMHC, NCC

37. Take a prevention approach to suicide

38. Support your loved ones

39. …but know your limits

40. Take time to play

I enjoy taking time to play a few video games with my wife to connect, laugh, and share our time.

Ross Barr, PsyD, LP

41. Set goals for yourself

42. Pay closer attention

43. Do a little cleaning

44. Make time for yourself

I make time to do things I enjoy like read a good book, do some baking, and get a massage from time to time.

Melanie Hultgren, PhD, LMFT


Treating myself with a massage.

Heather Schiller, Office Manager


I schedule a day date with myself once a month.

Anna Schupp, PsyD, LP

45. Prevent holiday overwhelm

46. Prevent school-year burnout

47. Ask questions

48. Give meditation a try

I use my Headspace app. It only takes 10 minutes. Whenever I do it, I wish I did it more regularly.

John G. Luehr, MD

49. Share your positive therapy experience with friends and family

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