3 Keys to Changing Your Sleep Habits in 2022

3 Keys to Changing Your Sleep Habits in 2022

The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.

Matthew Walker

Recently, the Star Tribune published an article highlighting the link between alcohol and sleep.

For some of us, headlines like this might reinforce what we’ve suspected (or experienced firsthand) already.

But, for others– especially during this season of “health resets” and habit changes– they serve as an uncomfortable reminder:

Sleep matters a lot. And most of us aren’t paying nearly enough attention to it.

Today we’re sharing 3 keys to changing your relationship with sleep this year: 

1. Separate truth from myth

It’s totally possible to catch up on missed sleep… right? Sleep’s all about resting the brain… isn’t it? From the half-truths and misconceptions to the straight-up lies, it’s easy to feel lost in the jumble of all the advice out there. But, sorting out fact from fiction is an essential step in creating new habits and routines.

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2. Identify a clear “why”

It’s human nature: You can lecture us all day long about what’s good for us, but until we actually feel personally invested in an outcome, sustainable changes will be really tough to make. By getting clear on what you hope to gain from making changes to your routine, you’ll have a much better shot at creating (and maintaining) new habits.

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3. Start making realistic changes

Try to overhaul your routine all at once is a recipe for overwhelm and disappointment. Fortunately, some of the simplest tweaks to your habits can yield substantial results! From nutrition to movement to light exposure to the way you wind down in the evening, your daily rhythms provide ample opportunities to make meaningful change. The important thing is to choose 1 first step to take and then put it into action.

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BONUS Tip: Understand the science behind your shut-eye

One of the best ways to deepen your commitment to making lasting habit changes? Get to know the research behind why it matters and how it works.

Check this out: For more on the science of sleep, we recommend Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker.

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