3 Ways to Celebrate Black History All Year Long

3 Ways to Celebrate Black History All Year Long

As another Black History Month draws to a close, it’s easy to lose some of the focus and momentum we’ve created over the past few weeks.

But just because the Black History displays may be giving way to bunnies and chicks at your local stores, there’s no reason you can’t keep the celebration going for months– and years– to come.

And the really great news?

It’s so simple to do.    

Today we’re sharing 3 easy ways to celebrate Black history all year long:

1. Support Black entrepreneurs

From wellness products & services to food & entertainment to good old-fashioned retail therapy, you support so many businesses with your hard-earned money each year. Why not aim some of that business at Black entrepreneurs who are building their own enterprises everyday?

Check out our list of 5 Black-owned wellness businesses to support.

2. Honor Black stories

It could be a memoir or biography. It could be an immersive work of fiction. Or a poem or essay. By including Black authors, characters, and stories into you and your family’s library, you’re paying tribute to the Black lives that have helped shape our world and are shaping it still.

Check out our recommended Black history reading lists for kids and teens and adults.

3. Learn from Black thought leaders

Of all your many resources, your undivided attention is perhaps the most precious. You have the freedom to direct it towards whatever and whomever you choose. When you intentionally learn from Black thought leaders, you’re not only supporting the work they do… you’re also investing in the expansion of your own worldview. And that, quite frankly, is priceless.

Check out our list of Black emotional wellness leaders to follow.


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