100 Weeks of the Sonder Blog: Our Top 5 Posts

100 Weeks of the Sonder Blog: Our Top 5 Posts

You’ve read them each week.

You’ve shared them with your friends and family.

You’ve sent us your reactions.

…and we’ve been listening!

In celebration of 100 weeks of content on the Sonder blog, we’re sharing our most popular posts to date:

5. 5 Ways to Help Kids Navigate Cell Phone Use.

Kids and their phones. From mildly annoying to bordering on addiction(?), their interactions with these devices give us plenty to wonder (and stress) about. Let’s look at how you and your child can navigate this challenging landscape together.

READ: 5 ways you can help your child navigate cell phone use.

4. 10 Things to Let Go of This Year.

As each year draws to a close, the same pressure appears: New Year’s resolution time! If the thought of setting a list of goals on Jan 1st feels rigid, intimidating, or arbitrary to you, you’re not alone. And guess what? You don’t have to. If you’re looking for a gentler, more realistic alternative to the resolution grind… Why not make a list of UN-resolutions instead?

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3. Mental Health Awareness Month: 10 Ways to Take Action.

Building awareness is an important step… but it’s not the only step we can take. Action is where emotional wellness starts becoming a reality for all of us. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we thought we’d provide some practical suggestions to get you started.

READ: 10 ways to move from mental health awareness to mental health action.

2. 10 Simple Ways to Practice Gratitude.

It’s easy to forget what’s right in front of us. What matters most to us. A simple antidote? Gratitude. The benefits of gratitude are powerful, with the potential to cause a positive ripple effect on your emotional wellness. Quite simply, gratitude is the practice of reflecting on your life and naming what makes you feel grateful. And with time and consistency, it becomes a habit before you even realize it.

READ: 10 simple ways you can practice gratitude in your everyday life.

1. How “Tidying Up” Can Improve Your Emotional Wellness.

Between her international bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the Netflix favorite it inspired, it’s safe to say that Marie Kondo captured our collective attention. For the Japanese author, organizing consultant, and originator of the “KonMari method” of home organization, her message is instinctive and obvious. But for the legions of Americans who have embraced her mindful approach to tidying up, Kondo’s lessons feel downright counter-cultural. And what’s more: Their impact extends well beyond our overstuffed closets and storage bins.

READ: 9 ways the principles of Tidying Up can improve your emotional wellness.


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