5 Reasons to Choose Sonder TMS

5 Reasons to Choose Sonder TMS

I made my final decision after my meeting with the Sonder team. Their explanation helped me feel much more comfortable with starting treatment.

Sonder TMS patient

Even with all our modern access to care, navigating the system can be a frustrating experience.

We’re here to change that.

From the people on our team to the values we share and the service we provide…

…we’re all about giving you a new kind of treatment experience.

Today we’re sharing 5 excellent reasons to choose Sonder TMS:

1. We work with the best.

We’re proud to partner with NeuroStar to deliver the highest quality treatment available. As the only TMS company with demonstrated durability and the largest outcome registry, NeuroStar shares our commitment to safety and effectiveness. NeuroStar is also the #1 TMS treatment recommend by physicians. Read more about NeuroStar’s industry-leading track record here.

2. We’re true experts.

Sonder is the largest TMS provider in the state of Minnesota. From the size of our clinics to the experience of our team, we’re uniquely equipped to serve the highest number of patients each month, earning us the Diamond status designation among NeuroStar TMS clinics. In addition, our TMS team routinely receives exceptional ratings from patients for our transparency, professionalism, and high level of service at every stage of treatment.

3. We love what we do.

From listening to your stories and earning your trust to honoring your vulnerability and witnessing real transformation in your life… our TMS team is made up of people who genuinely delight in supporting you and your emotional wellness. Our patients tell us they feel welcome, respected, and truly known by us. And that’s exactly what we want you to experience, too!

4. We advocate for you.

Something else that sets Sonder TMS apart from others? From our first point of contact to the conclusion of treatment, we’re true advocates for you and your care. Whether it’s talking through your (or your loved ones’) questions or communicating with insurance on your behalf… our Sonder TMS team is ready to navigate this process right alongside you.

5. We can see you immediately!

With plenty of space and new providers joining our team (and plans to continue growing!), Sonder TMS is thrilled to offer something that can be frustratingly rare to find in modern healthcare:

Immediate availability.


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