Father or Not, This is Our Wish for You

Father or Not, This is Our Wish for You

This past weekend marked the annual celebration of Father’s Day.

For some of us, this offers a welcome opportunity to experience joy amid the grief we’ve been processing.

For others, the public acknowledgements this holiday brings only compounds that grief.

It’s all totally valid.

So, no matter who you are or what you’re feeling right now, this is our wish for you– today and always:

If you’ve raised children or are raising them now

If you’ve fathered a child

If you’ve adopted

If you’re a stepfather

Are fostering or assuming guardianship…

If you’re navigating infertility

If you’ve experienced miscarriage or infant loss

If you’ve lost your father

If you’re not close with your father

If you never knew your father…

If you’re a father who’s missing your child

If you’re a father mourning the loss of your child

If you’re a professional who cares for and supports fathers and children…

If you’re experiencing unplanned pregnancy…

If you’re experiencing planned pregnancy…

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, insecure, and lost as a father…

If you’re feeling confident and at peace as a father…

If you’re looking forward to becoming a father…

If you’re unsure you ever want to be a father…

If you’re certain you don’t…

We see you. We value you.

And we wish you:

…and the awareness that you’re never alone.


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